Santa Claus would be a great business leader

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Be a leader not a boss


  • The definition of a leader: one that leads or guides
  • The definition of a boss: a person in charge of a  worker or organization, as a verb: give orders in a domineering manner.


Short List on how to be a leader instead of a boss:

1. Jump in the trenches with your team members and get your hands dirty
You will gain an immense amount of respect if you take the chance to help your team members reach their goals or complete a task. It shows you care about the end goals and are not afraid to help out when needed.

2. Ask, how can I help? (Servant Leadership)
Be a Servant Leader (pulled from Dave Ramsey, EntreLeadership). You are there to help advance your team members careers not hinder them. Share information, help out as much as possible, teach the team member knowledge that will help them in the future.
I do not believe in micro-management, push the employee to go through the problem, let them fail, and when the failure occurs have them come to you and provide 3 possible resolutions before you direct them in a better path. This allows the employee to grow and not regurgitate answers.

3. Invest time into your team members
Help them grow, this will pay dividends in the future. Pretty soon you will have a team that will not need you, this is not a bad thing. You can begin to conquer greater goals and have faith that your team will conquer their goals.

4. Pull don’t Push
Pull the employee into learning situations. Do not push them into an open fire. (Refer to the picture above)

5. Guide your team to victory, while standing on the front lines
Always be on the front lines, you are the face of your team. Take pride in your team and take ownership of any mistakes. Once again you are supposed to be teaching your team the right way to do things. If they failyou failFix it.

A GOLD MINE for Business Owners and Employees, What is it?


Are you ready for a great business idea that is currently a GOLD MINE in our society?


Yes, you heard it hear first. I have dealt with too many businesses while preparing for my wife and I’s wedding, our new house, and work that have failed miserably. They all have over committed, under-performed, and lacked customer service. Our society is begging for businesses to provide what they say they will, over-perform, follow up, driving the process, and knowing the product they are selling/installing/providing. I have no idea why the concept of “over-performing” is slowly fading away. Society is craving for businesses that are great at customer service. Many individuals will actually pay you more for a great experience.

For the younger crowd, when you are hired on with ABC company…….OVER-PERFORM. You will be an all-star and a guaranteed stand out with the company. It is not hard, here is a list below to follow that summarizes the paragraph above:

  • Follow up: the client does not want to babysit you!!!
  • Do not guarantee something you cannot deliver
  • Know your product and service like the back of your hand
  • Over communicate, it is better than leaving out the unknown
  • Always stay positive and carry a smile
  • If you do not know the answer, tell the client how you will find the answer. Do not say, “I do not know”

It is that easy, now go conquer the world. We need the industry to change, go over-perform and watch your career take off. 

How do you over-perform? Have you noticed a degradation in performance in the work force?

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What does success look like at a young age?


Coming out of college I had a list of bullet points on what I thought success looked like and most college students  would feel the same:

  • Money
  • Job Title
  • Company Name

Crazy to think my list has changed dramatically in four years. My list now looks like this:

  • Enjoyment of Job
  • Flexible Hours (Spending Time with Loved Ones)
  • Making a Difference
  • Consistent Job Growth (learning environment)
  • Daily Challenges (lack of boredom)
  • Being able to enjoy my financial gains with my loved ones

Let’s dive a little deeper…….Money……it means nothing if you do not have the time to use it. Job Titles have reigned as the ultimate success. It has been a bragging point to the external world. The question is not “What is your job title?” The question is “Do you do meaningful work?”

I can work for a company like Google, but what if I am working 100 hours a week just to say, “I work for Google”. The money will come and go, the job titles also come and go, and company names will become old news and gratification will simmer.

Do what you love, have passion for your work, spend time with your loved ones. Do you think at your funeral your eulogy will sound like this, “Here lies Bob, a Google employee……? No, you will here this, Here lies Bob, “He was overworked, didn’t spend much time at home, struggled constantly to balance work and life…..” Do you want that? Be the guy where they say, “Bob made a difference, Bob was a crucial part in all our lives, Bob took care of his family and was always present…”

What Bob are you? 

A fun look at the Trustworthiness of a Beard

I figured we could take a quick look at the “movement of the beard” in the business world. In early years, beards were unacceptable. They were seen as unprofessional and many professions still disallow having a full beard today. I want to look at the topic from a different angle. Lets look just at the Top Tier CEO’s of our world. This is where the movement has started. We are starting to see very respected businessmen growing out the facial hair. Take a look at the image below:


Beards are starting to invade the Tech World. You also have the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein and Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, and the list goes on. Now the crazy thing is, most of the beards you see are not fully groomed. The great thing is the business world is starting to accept facial hair and it is starting from the C-levels down. I will keep my “groomed” beard going in today’s business world. What are your thoughts?

If you feel like putting on some facial hair for this winter, take a look below for some guidance. I would stay away from the yellow and red.

Do you wake up happy to go to work? Do you enjoy work? Do you have passion for your work? Do you care?

If you answered no to the majority of these questions, you need to start asking Why? Like Simon Sinek says, “You know how to answer what you do for a living and how you do it.” The deep question is “Why  do you do it?” and like he states, “Money is a result” not the answer. Why does your company exist? Why do you get out of bed? I cannot give you the answer to the question, you need to watch the TED Talk below and ask yourself Why? Finding your Why is extremely hard, but once you find it….you will have directional purpose. Forget what and how, “Start with Why”